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A Word from the Company President

Yoshinori Imanishi, Company President

Ever since the foundation of Hikaridenki Seisakusho Co., Ltd. in 1951, the company has been involved in the development and manufacture of light fittings that the customer can use in safety and comfort as well as being energy-saving, taking into account current needs and founded on the spirit of tireless research and constant progress.
With the current focus on global environmental issues, there has been a rapidly increasing need for advanced semiconductor lighting (LED, OLEDS). Widespread use of this brings with it an advancement of manufacturing technology and increasingly diverse customer needs, for which the evolution of our development and manufacturing technology is a prerequisite.
In order to be able to meet the various needs of the age, Hikaridenki Seisakusho Co., Ltd. utilizes state of the art facilities and employ highly qualified staff to advance our research and development and respond to the demands of the market.
Our workplaces are well-established with QMS (Quality Management System) & EMS (Environmental Management System) and all our employees are engaged in fulfilling and enjoyable work, motivated by the sense of responsibility that comes from the idea of providing light to the world, while practicing continuous and steady improvement in Q (quality), C (cost), D (delivery), E (environment) and M (management).
A youthful sensibility facilitates a comprehension of needs; a flexible spirit of enquiry gives birth to new dreams; rich experience hones technology.
We will not let these ideas simply remain as dreams, but will continue to face the challenge of developing even more advanced lighting technology to deliver light fittings that are kind to the earth and kind to humanity, based on the spirit of tireless research and constant progress.

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